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Training – Courses – Web development.

Course Overview:
Web development is a passion to serve the clients with the solutions using their coding skills. Every individual and entrepreneurs use different web application to get the workflow improved. The web applications help to improve the timelines with measurement for any scale and size of the industry. Being a developer one should be skilled to develop a solution to the client needs from time to time.

Course Curriculum:

What is web designing course?

Creating WebPages by using code for consumer necessities is web-designing course. Everyone is looking out search engines to gather related websites to include information in the web site.


  • Overview of Web Development
  • Types of WebPages
  • Types Of Languages
  • Introduction To HTML Structure Of HTML Tag
  • Block & Inline Elements
  • Box Model
  • What is HTML 5? Overview of HTML 5
  • HTML5 Syntax
  • Forms & Form Elements
  • HTML5 Form Attributes
  • HTML5 New Elements
  • Video And Audio
  • Migration from HTML4 to HTML5
  • Types Of Elements
  • HTML5 Deprecated Tags
  • Web Storage
  • Html5 Deprecated Attributes


  • Exploring Photoshop
  • Image Editing Tools
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Using Photoshop Tools
  • Palettes
  • Layers, Actions and Filters
  • Creating Custom Effects
  • Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
  • Conversation of PSD to XHTML


  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Col Classess
  • Grid Classes
  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap Nav
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Images
  • Bootstrap Breadcrumbs
  • Bootstrap Pagination


  • Types of StyleSheets
  • Types of Selectors
  • All CSS Properties
  • What’s new in css3.0?
  • CSS3 Generator
  • CSS3 Properties
  • Key frames


  • Intro to jQuery
  • Need of jQuery in real web sites
  • Advantages of jQuery
  • jQuery versions
  • Downloading jQuery UI
  • Importing
  • jQuery UI
  • Draggable
  • Droppable
  • Resizable

Duration: 49 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days
Eligibility: Undergraduate, Graduates, Post Graduates

Career Opportunities: Web developers are experts in developing a solution to the client problems and improve their workflow, indeed business. Web developer is the person who builds a customised application suitable for every business needs irrespective of size and scale. Today most businesses are moving from offline to online due to the reach in the local and global markets and web development is the vertical which support that. Expert developers are always adapted to MNC’S, reputed companies in India and abroad.